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My name is Dr. Casey Taylor. I'm so glad you are here.  I hope to meet with you soon and offer support as you choose your next steps!


About Me

I see relationship with each client as essential to the work of therapy.  Building trust, and seeking understanding with compassion is often the starting place. I view therapy as a journey of discovering how your previous life chapters, may be impacting your present experience, and the future chapters you are hoping to write.  I believe that building insight around where you have been, can create opportunities for new ways of thinking, feeling, and interacting with yourself and with others.  Further, I believe that a part of this process will include you identifying and building upon your personal values.  In short, asking yourself the question: what really matters to me in life?  As you build insight about your past, and make choices that honor your values, these practices can nurture fulfillment in life, and provide opportunities to choose freedom. 


I will assist you in the short term with coping skills and evidence-based practices that help with distress tolerance, interpersonal relationships, and experiencing intense emotions. Long term, and at your personal pace, we can also do the work of building insight into old patterns, so that you feel empowered to freely choose the new path you would like to walk down.  On a personal note, I approach each client with genuine compassion, empathy and hope.  I consider myself fortunate to work with my clients, and the process of therapy with me is always through a lens of self-compassion. 




I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of California (PSY 33900), and truly love the work of therapy.  It is an honor to hear and hold individual stories, and to offer support and help as my clients begin writing new life chapters.  I work with children, adolescents, young adults and families.   Within this work, I deeply appreciate opportunities to support families in creating intergenerational change.  I value creativity, empathy, and respecting the individual strengths and facets of diversity within every person.  Because of this, I approach each client with intentionality, a listening ear, and a heart that seeks to deeply understand and personalize treatment strategies to the uniqueness of every person I have the opportunity to work with.  


In preparing for my work as a psychologist, I received my doctorate degree from Fuller School of Psychology, and my masters degree in theology. I have experience working with children, young adults, adults and families in private practice, college counseling centers, community mental health clinics, outpatient hospitals, and healthcare settings. My APA-accredited predoctoral internship was completed at Sutter Center for Psychiatry, and my post-doctoral fellowship was completed at Kaiser Permanente locations in South Sacramento and Elk Grove. Within these settings, I received clinical training in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, behavioral therapy, mindfulness based practices, attachment-based therapy, play therapy, and psychodynamic therapies.


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